Jerry Hall Interview

How do you exercise?

jerryI swim, do yoga and play golf, but I actually think I stay in shape most rushing up and down our five story house doing the housework. I like making the house really nice.



Is the world of fashion healthy?

The government or anyone interfering because models are too thin is ridiculous. Young thin girls don’t make people have anorexia, people have anorexia because of childhood trauma. I do think it’s a mistake to start modelling too young, but it’s a wonderful career. My daughter Elizabeth, who’s 23 has her feet firmly planted on the ground and I don’t worry about her. There have always been drugs of course, but I’ve never taken them. You don’t last very long if you take drugs.

As global ambassador for erectile dysfunction medicine Levitra, do you think we’re too prudish about such matters in the UK?

I think so. It’s a taboo subject, but I think it’s good to air out taboo subjects. And, erectile dysfunction is often an early indicator of underlying health difficulties like heart trouble and diabetes. You need to check it out.

What is the World’s greatest health threat?

Global warming. We’ll all be dead soon, the rate we’re going. I’ve got Ecotricity, when your electricity comes from windmills, and I recycle, buy local produce, try to fly less, and I’m getting a totally electric car.

Are GM crops the future?

I think they’re really really scary. In order to genetically modify anything they have to introduce a virus and a toxin, and they’ve been using plant cancer to open up the gene. They say the cancer’s deactivated, but I think it can reactivate and cause serious health issues. Science has become a golem and it needs to be watched more. What’s it’s achieved in treating disease is impressive, but I don’t think you should ever take any medicine whatsoever, unless you’re going to die if you don’t.

Do you think we worry too much?

Yes. I think worrying’s a bad thing. We should just try and be happy. People need to find ways to be happy without trying to get satisfaction from wanting wanting wanting more things.

What’s your guiltiest food pleasure?

I love very very bitter, 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate, and barbecue potato chips. I eat them maybe four times a week.


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