You Die When You Die


Publication date:  22 June 2017die_when_die_website

Format: EBook/Audio Digital Download/Paperback

Publisher: Orbit

About the book:


You can’t change your fate – so throw yourself into battle, because you’ll either end the day a hero or drinking mead in the halls of the gods. That’s what Finn’s people believe.

But Finn wants to live. When his settlement is massacred by a hostile nation, Finn plus several friends and rivals must make their escape across a brutal, unfamiliar landscape,and to survive, Finn will fight harder than he’s ever fought before.

The David Gemmell Award-nominated author of Age of Iron returns with You Die When You Die – an epic fantasy adventure in which a mismatched group of refugees battle animals and monsters, determined assassins, an unforgiving land and each other as they cross a continent to fulfil a prophecy.

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