Boris Becker Interview


Did you have a health-conscious childhood?

My mum played women’s football for England, and ran and cycled everywhere. She encouraged us to be in every sports team and we weren’t allowed to eat any junk food.


borisbHow do you exercise?

I’m still playing quite often tennis, on average three times a week. I also to the gym and play golf.


Do you have any lingering injuries from throwing yourself around the court?

I have my aches and pains, but I would have them even without professional sports, because unfortunately I’m 40 years old this year and it comes with the territory.
Do you eat healthily?

I like to eat a lot. I like my pasta, meat and a good glass of red wine, but if you have that every day it shows up on your waistline – if I eat how I want for a couple of weeks then I don’t recognise myself in the mirror any more. The pasta was part of the regime on the day before a match. Now I don’t have the match, but I still like the food.
Do you sleep well?

Yes, but I get jetlagged sometimes. There are a couple of rules to beat it. You cannot sleep when you’re tired, you have to sleep when it’s locally time to go to bed. You avoid that with discipline, with sports, and no alcohol if possible.
What is your least appealing habit?

My memory. I have a good memory, which is not always good. I remember bad things about people five years later.
What is your earliest sporting memory?

Watching Borg win the Wimbledon finals when I was maybe seven or eight. Ever since then he’s been my biggest hero in tennis.
Which tennis regulation would you like to see changed?

I like to see the players go a bit mad on the courts. I think it’s gone too nice, too quiet and too boring. I want to remove all the fines and the penalties and go back to the days of the McEnroes.
Are fat people born or made?

Unless you have a disease, then I think they’re made. It is the same in Germany as in Britain: obesity is increasing at an alarming rate although people know better.
Do you feel under pressure to look good?

I think everyone should have a sense of vanity, which includes brushing your teeth and taking a shower and smelling somewhat decent, and that should be installed when you’re little. In my business, there’s a lot of competition, so you have to make sure look your best. Tune in to Wimbledon to see my new outfit.
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